Support Wilson Street!!

Posted on 21 September 2017

Don't be intimidated by the construction downtown!!

Support Millennium Clothing Store and other vendors on Wilson Street as they endure the construction process!

Live Well Health Clinic would like to support Millennium Clothing Store.  Live Well Health Clinic will give 20% discount to an initial assessment visit to anyone who provides receipt from Millennium Clothing Store dated September 21-October 31, 2017, with a purchase of $50 or more .  

We encourage other local business owners to also support Wilson Street!

Let's support our local vendors!!  Loving downtown Guelph!

Call Amy to book your appointment  519-830-7335


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Planning your walks

Posted on 7 September 2017

Are you planning a walk or a ride this weekend?

I know it is early but the leaves are starting to change already.  The colours are gently changing from greens to oranges, reds and yellows.  It's a great time for a walk or trail ride, the view is beautiful.  To plan your walk or ride, you can go online to Ontarion Parks and the website will guide you to the colours being seen in a certain area.

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Started fasting!

Posted on 4 September 2017

We had a great bonfire this weekend!  Relaxed with family and friends.  Shared some treats from St Jacob's Market.

After such an enjoyable weekend, I was ready to start the fast last night.  I have my bulletproof cinnamon chai tea all ready and my ice water so I stay well hydrated.  My smoothie with some blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and kale is waiting for me at the end.


Welcome Annette!

Posted on 31 August 2017

Live Well Health Clinic would like to introduce our new team.  Not only do we have a great location at 581 Woolwich Street, co-located with Guelph Naturopathic Medical Clinic, we have new team members!!

Amy is our patient care coordinator.  Her organization of the office is essential to provide patients seamless care.  Her bubbly and compassionate personality makes her an excellent patient advocate.

Annette Ruaux is our new nurse practitioner.  She has been a nurse practitioner since 2007. She has been doing family practice for a number of years and has now added bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to her repetoire of skills.  She is also the owner of BeYoutifu, providing medical cosmetic servicesl.  We are thrilled to have her as part of our team!

Annette is starting to book patients September 18, 2017.  Book now for your appointment  519-830-7335




Getting ready

Posted on 31 August 2017

I'm preparing for our weekend.  We'll have nearly 50 people and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.  Friday and Saturday morning will be busy as we set up the lot for the bonfire and food.  Picking everything up and having everything where it needs to be.  

I'm also preparing for Sunday/Monday, when I start my fast.  One of the biggest challenges to lifestyle changes, or, in this case, fasting, is not being prepared.  I'm not a coffee drinker.  So I have my cinnamon chai tea - I get mine from David's tea.  It smells like xmas - far too early to say that word out loud!! I also have all of my ingredients for the bullet proof tea/coffee.  

I'm also thinking about what I'm going to have when I break my fast.  For me, this is going to be a smoothie.  I have my kale, berries - strawberries and blueberries.  I'll likely add a little banana.  I have almond milk and my protein powder - I use Sport Vega which has 30 grams of protein and 3 gr of carbs.  I add just a little almond milk and mostly water.  Can't forget my fluids throughout the day.  Lots of water.  No juice.

I'm ready for my weekend!


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