Livewell Health Clinic Patient Care Coordinator Amy

Everything that happens at Live Well Health Clinic seems to revolve, one way or another, around Amy. For instance: she takes patient, clinic and pharmacy calls. She receives, filters, and organizes all the many referrals that flood in, bringing order and harmony to an endless stream of data. She creates patient files. She runs invoicing and billing. She provides all manner of crucial information to Live Well's many patients and, just as importantly, she intuitively knows what Kim needs even before Kim knows it herself!

When asked what she brings to the patients, Amy says, "A compassionate and caring ear, a human connection, honesty and a sincere desire to help." Amy adds that if she were to summarize her overall approach, it would come down to two words: "be nice".

Not surprisingly, Amy's powerful sense of empathy is rooted in her own life. She as struggled with health issues and, as a direct result, relates instinctually to what patients need - a strong human connection and a genuine interest in listening, sympathizing and making a difference. Asked to imagine looking back on her life and summing up who she was and what she did in a few simple lines, Amy replies, "I would like to have made people feel happy, heard, and remembered." We think Live Well's patients would wholeheartedly agree.

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