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At Live Well Health Clinic, we are committed to making people feel better - not only physically, but to feel better in every way about themselves. We're a clinic that's founded on the belief that functional and integrative medicine adds to family practice.

Live Well Health Clinic operates within best practice guidelines, but we believe that our patients need more than just what is considered "best practices." They need to understand their blood work. They need to understand the long-term consequences of not eating well or exercising. And they especially need to understand that key lifestyle changes can significantly improve their quality of living.

Just as crucially, we believe that patients need to be heard. Health Care is more than just looking at numbers or dispensing medication: instead, it's about listening to patient experiences. In fact we believe that, in these experiences, lies that clues to patient health and well being. Along with listening closely, and paying attention to the smallest details, we help our patients get on the path to wellness through care planning, referrals to appropriate specialists, and advocating for patients who have special needs.

At Live Well Health Clinic, we provide holistic care for patients in a compassionate and honest way that's unique to each and every individual. We provide health care that makes a difference - health care that matters.

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Kim Rovers, RNEC, BScN, MS, ABAAHP

Clinic Owner

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Kristin Diane

Holistic Nutritionist

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